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Garment Dyeing with Acid Wash

Garment dyeing with acid wash is a distinctive textile finishing technique that involves treating garments with a combination of chemicals, including acid, to create a faded, worn, and vintage appearance. This technique is particularly popular in creating a more washed garment, where it imparts a unique and aged look to the products.

Garment dyeing with acid wash offers a creative way to transform denim and other fabrics, providing them with a worn, lived-in character that resonates with vintage fashion trends. The process involves careful control of chemicals and procedures to achieve the desired balance between a faded appearance and maintaining garment integrity.


    1. Material should be sent in fresh polybag.
    2. Material should not have any spots\ stains\ cuts\ damages.
    3. Sleeves should be tucked in all woven garments\ knitting garments
    4. Freeze all testing parameters from sampling stage.
    5. Clearly mention the matching source of buyer.
    6. Rejection percentage will be 5%.
    7. Final shade band will be freeze after 3 bulk lots with physical signed garments.
    8. In acid wash program shade variation will be more. So we have to get approved a wider shade band.
    9. The material should be sent as per the lots made during blanket dyeing. This will help in reducing the shade band as we will be getting marked garment from each lot.
    10. We recommend to have a pre – production meeting so that everybody is aware of the callouts for running style.
    11. Production will be started only after 1st bulk lot approval.

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