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Garment Dyeing with Discolored Spray

Garment dyeing with discoloration spray technique is a creative and versatile method used to apply color to textiles in a controlled and artistic manner. This technique involves using spray guns, airbrushes, or other spraying devices to distribute color cutting agents onto the fabric's surface, allowing for unique and personalized designs.

Garment dyeing with a spray technique offers endless possibilities for creative expression, making it a favored choice for customizing clothing, accessories, and even home textiles. Artists, fashion designers, and DIY enthusiasts often use this method to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect their individual style and vision.

This technique also enables the recreation of various effects, from subtle watercolor-like washes to bold and abstract patterns. By skillfully controlling the spraying process, artisans can achieve diverse textures, gradients, and layering effects that give garments a unique and captivating appearance.


    1. Send material after proper checking for Cut, Stains and other defects.
    2. Rejection percentage will be 7%.
    3. Close all testing parameters during sampling.
    4. As it is a spray program. So, shade variation will be more.
    5. Intensity of color discharge may vary.
    6. Placement of Sprays might vary. As it is a manual process.
    7. The material should be sent as per the lots made during blanket washing. This will help in reducing the shade band as we will be getting marked garment from each lot.
    8. We recommend having a pre – production meeting so that everybody is aware of the callouts for running style.
    9. Production will be started only after 1st bulk lot approvals.
    10. RCJC will not hold any responsibility for any type of accessory used and also the defect caused due to those accessories.
    11. There may be spots and partial patchiness all over the body of fabric.
    12. There would be streaks and linings in some particular areas like sleeves or anywhere in garment.
    13. Full body spray will never be equal or same at every part of garment.

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