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Garment Dyeing with PP Stroke

Garment dyeing with PP stroking is a creative and artistic textile stroking technique that involves using pens or other applicators to directly apply to the stitch line. This method allows for intricate designs, patterns, and personalized artwork to be created on garments, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces with a handcrafted touch.

Garment dyeing with stroking is a labor-intensive process that requires attention to detail and artistic skill. It offers a unique way to transform garments into wearable works of art. This method is often used by artists, designers, and craft enthusiasts to create personalized and expressive clothing pieces that stand out from mass-produced items.


    1. Material should be sent in fresh polybag.
    2. Material should not have any spots, stains, cuts, or damages.
    3. Sleeves should be tucked in all woven garments, knitting garment if weight is below 250gm.
    4. Freeze all testing parameters from the sampling stage.
    5. Clearly mention the matching source of buyer.
    6. Rejection percentage will be 5%.
    7. Final shade band will be frozen after 3 bulk lots of physically signed garments.
    8. PP stroke intensity may vary.
    9. As PP stroke is manual progress, there may be chances of spot marks of PP on pcs.
    10. Dyeing + PP Stroke program shade variation will be more.
    11. Color of discharge will vary from color to color; in some, it will be white and in some, it will be brownish.
    12. The material should be sent as per the lots made during blanket dyeing. This will help in reducing the shade band as we will be getting marked garments from each lot.
    13. We recommend having a pre-production meeting so that everybody is aware of the callouts for the running style.
    14. Production will be started only after the 1st bulk lot approval.

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