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Indigo Wash – Light Wash

Indigo washing, commonly referred to as "indigo dyeing" or "indigo dye washing," is a unique textile dyeing technique that involves using natural indigo dye to create various shades of blue, often associated with denim fabrics. When applied to dark-colored fabrics, such as deep blue or black, indigo washing can create distinctive and attractive visual effects, adding depth and character to the fabric.

Indigo washing dark fabrics offers a unique twist on traditional dyeing methods. It allows for the creation of denim garments and textiles with a range of blue shades, adding character and dimension to the fabric's visual appeal. This technique has not only been a staple in denim production but has also inspired a variety of fashion and design trends, contributing to the enduring popularity of indigo-dyed textiles.


    1. Send material after proper checking for cuts, stains and other defects.
    2. Blanket Washing is a must to understand the wash effect as per roll.
    3. Rejection percentage will be 5%.
    4. Close all testing parameters during sampling.
    5. The material should be sent as per the lots made during blanket washing. This will help in reducing the shade band as we will be getting marked garment from each lot.
    6. We recommend having a pre – production meeting so that everybody is aware of the callouts for running style.
    7. Production will be started only after 1st bulk lot approval.
    8. RCJC will not hold any responsibility for any type of accessory used and also the defect caused due to those accessories.
    9. Clearly mention the matching source of buyer.

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